Poetry in Homeschool

Yesterday we did poetry for our writing assignment. We read a poem about sunflowers in our language lesson, so I had each child either write their own poem about sunflowers or copy the poem from the language lesson and memorize it. Only one out of four chose to copy and recite. I was pleased that each child took a different approach to their poem. My youngest daughter and I worked together on a acrostic poem. It turned out really well. It seems like I did all the work when you read the poem, but if it weren’t for her suggestions and input, it would not have been the same at all. In fact, I would have taken a completely different direction with the poem than what she wanted. So, here is our lovely poem about sunflowers.


Sun warms seed.
Under moist soil,
New life begins.
First, seed sprouts.
Leaves then appear.
On the stem
Where buds blossom
Emerge enormous flowers
Reveling in the sun.